15 Apr, 2023


Jamie Foxx Gained An Impressive Bank: Know His Net Worth And More!

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Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx has acquired an abundant amount of money during his career as a popular musician and actor. He makes money through his rejoicing singing and musical savor. 

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Jamie Foxx's Net Worth

A 'Hot Wings' Singer, Jamie Foxx, has accumulated a net amount of $170 Million, as reported by different sources. 

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Fox Sketch Comedy Series 

Jamie Foxx started his first debut in 1991 when he played several characters 'In Living Color' of the Fox Sketch Comedy Series. He maintained his position on the show till the final series in 1994. 

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WB Television Network

Jamie went forward to produce, star, and cocreate in 'The Jamie Foxx Episode,' streamlined from 1996 to 2001 on 'WB Television Network.' He was later introduced to a big audience while portraying Ray Charles in 2004 for a biographical movie, Ray. 

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Jamie Won Prestigious Awards 

Jamie Foxx earned Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe Award, and Critics Choice Movie Award. In 2004, he was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor in Academy Awards for playing an act in the crime movie, Collateral. 

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Jamie Appeared In Great Movies

The Texas native, Jamie, made various movies, including Dreamgirls, Jarhead, Django Unchained, Miami Vice, Baby Driver, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Just Mercy, Spiderman- No Way Home, and Annie. 

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Jamie, A Successful Musician 

Apart from being an accomplished actor, Jamie Foxx is popular as a successful musician. He introduced his debut album, Unpredictable, in 2005, 'Peep This' in 1994, Best Night of My Life in 2010, Hollywood – A Story of Dozen Roses in 2015, and Intuition in 2008. 

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Jamie, As Executive Producer 

When Jamie stopped acting on-screen, he worked behind the scenes as a writer, executive producer, and cocreator in a Netflix series of 2021, 'Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.' He produced White Famous in 2017, Million Dollar Wheels in 2022, and Thunder Soul in 2010.

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Jamie's Book: Act Like You Got Some Sense

Jamie Foxx made money from his 2021 books, 'Other Things My Daughters Taught Me' and 'Act like you got some sense, under which he joined another author named Nick Chiles.

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