17 Dec, 2022


James Gunn Says Ben Affleck Could Direct Next Dc Film: 'met With Ben Thatday...'

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The Amazing News

DC fans have woken up to a frenzy of escalating news about the future of their favorite characters after James Gunn, and Peter Safran took over as co-heads.

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Henry Cavill’s Announcement

After Henry Cavill announced that he would not be reprising his role as Superman in the Man of Steel follow-up that James Gunn will write, now a potential name for the director has been revealed in the form of Ben Affleck.

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Batman V Superman

Met with Ben yesterday precisely because he wanted to direct & they want him to direct; they just have to find the right project. James Gunn responded to a Twitter fan asking whether the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star could be the director.

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The Award Winner

The Oscar winner has directed several films in the past, including Live By Night (2016) and Argo (2012). Earlier, Ben Affleck had also planned to helm the standalone Batman movie, where he wanted to focus on building up the world's greatest detective aspect of The Batman.

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The Director

Unfortunately, he couldn't narrow it down to a good script and passed on the baton to director Matt Reeves.

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Superman Movie is Still Underway

Henry Cavill has dropped out of the project, but the news comes after it was revealed that a Superman movie was still in the works.

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Meeting With Henry Cavill

In the early stages, the story will focus on the early parts of Superman's life. But they just had a great meeting with Henry Cavill, and they are big fans and talked about many exciting possibilities to work together in the future.

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