24 Dec, 2022


James Cameron Teases Marvel And DC Again, Comparing Kate Winslet's Avatar Character To Wonder Woman And Captain Marvel

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Avatar: The Way of Water

James Cameron's Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, has been a hit at the box office and the director is definitely excited and proud of his work. Once again went all out to create a spectacle.

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The Cast Members

The film picks up where he left off 13 years ago, and alongside an older cast, Cameron welcomes several new faces into his latest release, including Kate Winslet. Her character was powerful, and how it was written made Cameron brag about it.

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The Co-star

Kate co-starred with Cameron in 1997's 11th Oscar-winning Titanic. And now she's back with the Overseer as the spiritual leader of the Metkayna clan, who live in coastal areas.

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Kate’s Character

Her character's name is Ronal. She is also portrayed as a tribal warrior and a natural leader. Her husband, Tonowari, is the leader of the clan.

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The Film

Not only is Kate's Ronal pregnant throughout the film, but she's still fierce and unflinching to stand up to those who try to harm her people.

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Female Empowerment

It claimed to be one of the best displays of female empowerment on screen and far more effective than superheroes like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.

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Six Month Pregnant

In a recent exchange with Robert Rodriguez via Variety, James Cameron asked, But what's the big part of women's lives that we men haven't been through? Let's fight six months pregnant warriors if you want to go to the hole.

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The Review

For me, it was the last invisible bastion. There are great women like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, but while they're fighting evil, they're not mothers and pregnant. '

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