Jacob Roloff's Roloff Farms Might Have a New Business: 'Little People, Big World'

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Posted on: 06 Aug, 2022

Those who have followed Little People, Big World through the years know Jacob Roloff no longer appears on the show. Although Jacob is still active on social media, he left the show a long time ago. As the farm drama continues, some eagle-eyed fans believe he's opening a new business at Roloff Farms. Check out what fans noticed.

Roloff Farms is still Jacob Roloff's main focus, even after he has stepped away from Little People, Big World. During pumpkin season in 2021, insiders saw Jacob working hard on the farm. Matt Roloff occasionally posts about Jacob's work on property maintenance online.

During pumpkin season, Jacob and Isabel were both extremely active on the farm, according to a source. Among other things, Jacob took out the trash, cleaned the bathrooms, and planted lights near the pathway. His job seems to be property maintenance. All the while, he worked hard and went from one task to another.'

There was also a comment on Jacob's Instagram account from Roloff Farms about his job. A fan who accused Jacob of living off his parents was told by the account that Jacob is employed by Roloff Farms, owns his own home, and supports his family. If you're commenting about something you do not know of, it's best to work with that fact [thumbs up emoji].

It appears that Jacob Roloff is working harder at Roloff Farms than ever before. Fans of Little People, Big World have noticed that he appears to have started his cannabis farm, which may be located on the farm's grounds.

On Reddit, a fan stated, 'Jacob appears to have started his cannabis farm.'. His personal Instagram account, Helvetia Herb and Garden, is linked to the business account. This account's earliest post dates back to June 13 and the bio states that organic cannabis and vegetables will be grown there.

As well as posting photos of the garden and equipment on his account, he also uploaded some to his blog.'Jacob's Instagram profile includes pictures of cannabis plants and vegetables. According to the fan, the garden appears to be located on Roloff Farms. “It's ironic that Jacob is the only son who farms there.

There's no doubt Jacob's hard at work, but some fans aren't convinced he is growing at Roloff Farms.' Oregon has very strict marijuana laws (just like the rest of the states that allow marijuana production and sale),' said another fan. In my opinion, it's unlikely to be on Roloff Farms.

A violation of the public access permit, the land use and water use laws, as well as agricultural laws would be committed.'Another fan explained that Roloff Farms does not allow commercial growing, but he is allowed to grow four plants for 'recreational use' on the property.

“While he cannot sell them, he can give them away as 'gifts and giveaways' as long as he separates them from 'financial considerations.''

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