'Jack Ryan' Season 3: Krasinski jumps from a helicopter in a breath-taking stunt

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Posted on: 16 Dec, 2022

Jack's action sequence

In an action sequence on 'Jack Ryan,' John Krasinski was seen unbuckled from a helicopter and thrown from it. He was known for playing Jim Halpert in 'The Office.'

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The Navy stunts

All the people were Navy SEALs during that flight, and we were performing an air-water stunt.

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Kevin, about the stunts

A buddy of ours, Kevin Kent, commented, 'It would look great if you did that stunt.' I asked him, 'How would that look?' He replied, 'I would unbuckle you and throw you from this helicopter.'

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Remembering the memories

Then he remembered: 'And he did it right away.' We do stunts whenever we are free, whenever it feels safe.

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The exciting experience

As a little kid, you get that instinct: 'I can do that; let's try that!' He said it is thrilling, but you can get into trouble.

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Most iconic play

Krasinski will play the iconic CIA agent in season 3. This high-stakes action-thriller series will follow Jack Ryan as he attempts to stop another worldwide crisis while falsely implicated in a mission.

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Worth waiting for a new season

According to John, this season was planned with the fans in mind since the gap between seasons two and three would be so big. 'This season had to be worth the wait,' he said.

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The final chapter's characters

To pay homage to Tom Clancy's books, we wanted the characters to walk off into the sunset as the characters did in the novel's final chapter.

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Crew members of the movie

Executive-produced by Andrew Form, Allyson Seeger, John Krasinski, Vaun Wilmott, Brad Fuller, and Michael Bay, 'Jack Ryan' is co-produced by Amazon Studios, Paramount Television Studios, and Sky dance Television. On December 21, Prime Video will stream the series.

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