21 Dec, 2022


Top Christmas Episodes and TV Shows that ranked at its best

By FactsWow Team

Superstore – (2015- 2021) Christmas Eve – Season 3, Episode 7!

Christmas Eve is a funny episode from start to finish. It is one of the holiday spirits; Superstore aired its holiday special during season 3. It is an adorable romantic gesture at the end of episodes.

Credits: IMDB

The West Wing – (1999 – 2006) In Excelsis Deo – Season 1, Episode 10!

The West Wing is one of the greatest fictional presidents featuring Jed Bartlet. In Excelsis Deo, the season 1 Christmas episode shows a variety of stories surrounding the main characters. This show was a Christmas special.

Credits: The Movie DataBase

Full House – (1987 – 1995) Our Very First Christmas Show – Season 2, Episode 9!

Full House is a television sitcom that Jeff Franklin created for ABC. It is an official Christmas-themed episode. Our Very First Christmas Show is an episode because it has someone for everyone. The drama heightened the holidays.

Credits: IMDB

This Is Us – (2016 – 2022) Last Christmas – Season 1, Episode 10!

This Is Us is a family drama; every episode is emotional and Christmas-themed. Last Christmas episodes full of laughs and tears are the perfect episode for anyone missing their dysfunctional family's Christmas celebrations.

Credits: IMDB

Community – (2009 – 2015) Regional Holiday Music – Season 3, Episode 10!

Community is an American television sitcom created by Dan Harmon. This Christmas episodes embrace that apparent disdain. It is known for its musical numbers, and the Regional Holiday episode has some of the best with kind of fun people.

Credits: IMDB

New Girl – (2011 – 2018) Christmas Eve Eve – Season 6, Episode 10!

New Girl is an iconic Christmas-themed episode. But the most fan favorite remains the season 6 episodes 'Christmas Eve Eve. It is fun and stressful as a secret Santa, so that you can watch this over the holidays.

Credits: IMDB

Family Matters – (1989 – 1998) Christmas Is Where The Heart Is – Season 5, Episode 11!

Family Matters is the most iconic sitcom from the '80s and '90s that everyone must watch. Some of the great episodes start within the season 5 Christmas episodes. Christmas Is Where The Heart Is centers on Urkel and Carl, who are stuck in a crowded subway car on Christmas Eve.

Credits: Just Watch

Hart Of Dixie – (2011 – 2015) Blue Christmas – season 2, Episode 10!

Hart of Dixie is the perfect show during the holiday season, and it's a perfect series. Blue Christmas is one of the Christmas episodes that is themed with plenty of lights and decorations for Christmas.

Credits: IMDB

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