It's all about the young and the restless

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Posted on: 28 Jul, 2022

It's official... Robert Newman is leaving Young & Restless... but maybe I'll see you again one day. It's the end of the road for Ashland Locke.

During the Monday, July 25, episode, Robert Newman confirmed that his character had met his end, at the hands of Nick.

He began by thanking the fans for allowing him to be a part of the legacy of The Young and the Restless in a video posted to Twitter.

He had ended his contract and this past Monday's scenes had been shot 'about five weeks ago'

Since then, he has been home, 3,000 miles away from Los Angeles, with his wife, son, and daughter-in-law, as well as his 'fantastic two young grandsons.'

There was a twist in Ashland that would've delighted longtime viewers The actor expressed his deepest gratitude to the viewers and thanked the cast and crew, whom he called “excellent, wonderful people to work with.

” He enjoyed playing the Genoa City villain and hoped fans enjoyed seeing him in the role — though it was a “tough transition from Richard’s [Burgi] work.”

After completing the video, Newman shared another project he's working on and teased Young & Restless fans, 'Maybe I'll see you again one day.'  You know what they say about dead soaps... never say it.

Despite Michael's report that Chance's men found Ashland's car with him inside in a ravine, stranger things have happened, and 'you never know,' like Newman said, if or when he will return.

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