03 Apr, 2023


Is Zendaya And Tom Holland Having Fun In Kerala?

By FactsWow Team

Everybody Was Surprised

The most loved Hollywood couple, Tom Holland and Zendaya arrived in Mumbai yesterday and surprised everyone.

Media Credits: Harpers Bazaar

Avoiding The Program

Their attendance at Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center's opening event, a star-studded gala, was rumored, but they did not attend.

Media Credits: Swirister

They Are Excited About Their Trip

It is still being determined why they chose India as a destination, and the internet cannot contain their excitement over their trip.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Fan Response Has Been Positive

On the other hand, a photo of Zendaya and Tom in Kerala has been making the rounds on social media, and fans have been responding with heartfelt messages.

Media Credits: Deccan Herald

Hashtag Regarding The Travel

It had the hashtags 'faraway home,' 'Munnar,' and 'Kerala tourism' in the caption, along with a photo of Zendaya and Tom.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR

Couple With Outfit

Zendaya wore a green turtleneck sweater, and Tom wore gray pants and white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Media Credits: People

The Picture Has Been Shared

Kerala Tourism shared a picture on April Fool's day today, a prank on netizens who were excited to see the Hollywood couple in Kerala.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Comment By The First User

The first user commented, 'Nice try, don't do it again,' while the second commented, 'Good April fool prank.' The third wrote, 'Legends know it's April Fool's day.'

Media Credits: FilmiBeat

Upon Arrival At The Airport

As Tom Holland and Zendaya were arriving at the airport in Kalina in casual attire, they stepped into their car.

Media Credits: PageSix

His Outfit Was Complete

The young man finished off his outfit with some trainers and a cap. He wore blue pants, a blue jacket, and a pink t-shirt.

Media Credits: IndiaToday

Climbing Into The Car

On the other hand, the actress seemed delighted to have arrived in India. After leaving the airport, she climbed into the car and began to drive.

Media Credits: ELLE

A coat Of black Is Paired With It

A pair of black socks and shoes were paired with a black coat and a white blouse. There was no makeup, glasses, a bun in half of her hair, and a brown purse to complete her ensemble.

Media Credits: People

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