28 Dec, 2022


Is there going to be any restriction this year because of the coronavirus as the new year approaches?

By FactsWow Team

New Year celebration of 2022!

In 2022, most events were canceled during New Year celebrations, and restrictions were followed due to the coronavirus.

Credits: DW

Back to normal!

After two years of events, the New Year celebration is back to normal, where the restrictions on travel, gatherings, transportation, etc., have decreased.

Credits: Times of india

Vaccination is a must!

Vaccination is necessary for all to enter any place, and face coverings are no longer required indoors on public transportation.

Credits: The New Your Times

Guidelines to be followed!

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention continue to urge Americans and tourists to vaccinate, and they urge them to follow the guidelines on isolation and precautions for people with Covid-19.

Credits: NPR

No Mask, No Entry!

The CDC-ordered mask is a must on public transportation and in transportation centers and is no longer in effect. Health authorities recommended using masks indoors on public transportation.

Credits: CNBC

Face masks!

The face mask is compulsory as Covid flu and respiratory syncytial virus fuel a national wave of respiratory illness.

Credits: NPR

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