04 Jan, 2023


Is the Second Season of 'Wednesday' Moving to Another Streaming platform?

By FactsWow Team

Officially has yet to be announcedv

Although Wednesday hasn't officially announced a second season, rest assured that Netflix will likely continue to stream it if the show returns.

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Appearance of refutation

According to certain outlets it is claimed that the second season of Wednesday would air on Prime Video.

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Affiliated with MGM

Wednesday could face platform changes due to an Amazon deal due to its affiliation with MGM, according to certain reports.

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The show will stay on Netflix

Netflix and MGM reportedly had an agreement before Amazon entered the picture for the series, so even after Amazon purchased MGM, Netflix will keep the show.

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The most popular shows on Netflix

Wednesday, which ranks among Netflix's top-performing shows, will likely give up the title with a fight as it performed well on the platform.

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Moving popular series

A popular series may move from one streaming service to another, but there are other possible outcomes in this case.

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Netflix could keep Wednesday

Amazon plans to make MGM content non-exclusive to Prime Video after acquiring the company last spring for $8.3 billion, which means Wednesday could remain on Netflix.

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Announcement failure

Despite Netflix's failure to announce a renewal raises questions about the show's future.

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The second most-watched drama in English

In its first 28 days, Wednesday was viewed 1.237 billion times on Netflix, making it the second most-viewed English-language drama of all time.

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No news from Netflix

Even though Netflix has not yet announced a second season, location scouting has begun.

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Bets are unwise

It would be unwise to bet against Wednesday's future, regardless of whether the series stays put.

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The play Jenna

In Wednesday, Jenna Ortega plays the Addams family's daughter, with Gwendoline Christie, Luis Guzman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Hunter Doohan starring.

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