29 Dec, 2022


Is It True? Sunburn Fest Dutch DJ Nick Rotteveel Loves Indian Audience And Social Media Trends!

By FactsWow Team

Nicky Romero’s Show At Goa

Dutch DJ Nick Rotteveel, professionally famous as Nicky Romero, performed to a packed crowd at the Sunburn fest, which is currently underway in Vagator, Goa.

Credits: EDMHouseNetwork

Passion About Music

The DJ Nicky Romero thinks that Indians are passionate about music.

Credits: We Rave You

Returning To India

The EDM musician approached IANS backstage to discuss his return to India and his growing enthusiasm for social media.

Credits: RPP Noticias

Nicky Romero’s Statement

When asked about what the energy was like while he was performing, he said the energy was incredible; it’s always amazing to perform to a live audience, and more so in India because people in India love music in every form. From the music of the Big Fat Wedding to events celebrating the beauty of a tan.

Credits: nickyromero

The Era Of Social Media

Commenting on the age of digital, Nicky Romero said everyone always has to go with the flow. In the age of social media, the content has to come from the heart; only then will it click with the audience.

Credits: Time Out

The Social Media Trend

Nicky Romero explained further that if one has to follow a social media trend, one needs to do it smartly and add a unique aspect to it. Trends are just vehicles. Your content is the driving force.

Credits: JBL

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