Introducing The Future Bosses Of The Dragonflight Raid In World Of Warcraft

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

Resulting in future threats

As shown in one of the story cutscenes, players in Dragonflight will face future threats due to the Vault of the Incarnates raid.

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Cutscenes that foretell doom

Throughout World of Warcraft, the Primal Incarnates represent a danger to Azeroth and are presented in two foreboding cutscenes.

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A raid comes to an end

Dragonflight Season 1 has begun, and both cutscenes can be found in the game. If gamers defeat Raszageth the Storm-Eater at the end of the raid, the first cutscene will appear.

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Raid by Dragonflight

Alexstrasza does not appear worthy before Raszageth frees her siblings and ushers in the Age of the Incarnates, which signals Dragonflight's first raid.

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Damage to prisons was extensive

Their prisons were heavily damaged during Raszageth's battle with Vyranoth the Frozenheart, Fyrakk the Blazing, and Iridikron the Stonescaled.

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Assassins of their sister

It wasn't long before Khadgar and Kalecgos teleported away before they were destroyed by the three proto-dragons, as they swore vengeance on their sister's killers.

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Incredible cutscenes

The Vault of the Incarnates raid has gained much attention from players thanks to its incredible cutscenes, which showcase Alexstrasza and Raszageth's animosity.

Credits: MSN

An excellent portrayal

Raszageth's compelling motives and strong portrayal made her a hit in her short time in the spotlight, and players are curious to see how her older siblings do.

Credits: SkyCoach

Calculate the outcome

Some players must be more impressed with the Vault of the Incarnates cutscene. While it's well-made, most players predict the outcome.

Credits: SkyCoach

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