Inside Out' Season 2: How rich is Carmine Sabatella? The reality star and real estate agent's wealth inside

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Posted on: 02 Aug, 2022

When it comes to home renovation shows, HGTV is the one-stop shop. With everything from building homes from the ground up to giving fixer uppers a new lease on life, this network will satisfy all your DIY needs. Those of you hoping for Season 2 of 'Inside Out' have been waiting for a long time! 

As described in the show's synopsis, 'Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle transform homes from the inside out. They work in harmony to balance client priorities and budgets to create stunning spaces from the inside out.'

Mike Pyle and Carmine Sabatella don't leave a brick unturned (literally) when renovating homes, as fans of the show know. Once again, it seems they've been up to no good! Here are some details about Carmine Sabatella for those of you interested

Carmine Sabatella: who is he?

Sabatella began his career in the restaurant industry before discovering his love for interior design. As a result, he ended up switching careers and soon discovered his true calling.

Besides running his own real estate business, The Sabatella Group, he has also been doing interior and landscaping design for over 20 years.

In addition to being a dad, he has a daughter, Gianna Evangeline, and he hopes to travel the world with her before she turns 20. Having been a part of Bravo TV's 'My Fab 40', Sabatella is no stranger to reality television.

The show features people who celebrate their 40th birthday extravagantly.  Season 1, episode 3 aired in 2015, featuring Sabatella.

Formerly straight single dad Carmine Sabatella dreams that his 40th party can peacefully bring together two worlds that have always been separate: his fabulous gay friends and his ex-wife, daughter, and mother. Will Carmine's Hunger Games theme work, or will it lead to more tension than the movie?'.

The value of his net worth

The Stars Offline website reports Sabatella's net worth as $ 9,541.87. Since Sabatella is currently affiliated with Compass in Pasadena, Berkshire Hathaway Home, and Sotheby's International Realty, his primary source of income is real estate.

Magnolia Restaurant Group was also co-owned by him. Sabatella has also appeared on HGTV shows such as 'Rock The Block' in addition to 'Inside Out.


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