In her series, 'My Favorite Days', Tori Roloff shows one of her 'water babies' enjoying a river trip

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Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

Josiah Roloff's first trip to the Kamala river marked the beginning of a special day trip for the Roloff family on Monday.

Tori, 31, went swimming in Kamala, Washington, on Monday with her husband Zach, and their three children, Jackson Kyle, 5, Lilah Ray, 2, and Josiah Luke, 3. She claims that Josiah enjoyed his first trip to the river, despite this being Tori's first time.

Tori took sweet photographs of Jackson and Lilah during their beach day, whom she affectionately calls 'water babies.'I am unable to handle this girl,' Lilah captioned a photo of herself wearing white sunglasses.

While wading in the water with mom Tori and his big brother Jackson, Josiah also seemed to enjoy his day in the river.' These are my boys!' she wrote above a heartwarming picture of Jackson and Josiah playing together in the river.

A monster truck show at the Clark County Fair in Washington last week allowed Tori to spend quality time with her older son. In her Instagram Story, the mother of three chronicled the date she had with her son.

'Things got rowdy tonight,' she wrote above a photo of Jackson watching trucks at the fairgrounds wearing noise-canceling headphones.

Tori also shared a photo of Jackson smiling in front of one of the monster trucks as she proudly mentioned that they rode it.

'A single encounter was enough for him,' she said. Before leaving the show, Tori's son asked to roll down a grassy hill, which she captured on video. She said she loves Jackson and was thankful for the time they shared

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