24 Dec, 2022


In an Instagram video, Lupita Nyong and Selema Masekela make their relationship public

By FactsWow Team

The King's Affirmation

Lupita Nyong has finally announced her relationship with Selema Masekela on The King's Affirmation.

Credits: Page Six

Hoping on the trend

The couple hopped on the latest Instagram trend as they decided to go official.

Credits: Page Six

Snap finger

The couple is vibing on the song 'The King's affirmation' as they nod left and right with the transitional clip.

Credits: Daily Mail

Matching outfits for the win

The couple can be seen wearing blue and white ropes and fluffy slippers as the video transitions into purple swimmers.

Credits: Daily Mail

The Orange

There are various looks. The couple can be seen donning a blue and yellow co-ord set or pineapple motifs. In the last clip, the couple can be seen in Orange motifs Nyong wears a black dress, and Selema wears an Orange suit.

Credits: Nairobi Gossip

Free dance

After all, the decked-up look the couple hilariously ends the video as they vibe to the song and break into a free dance.

Credits: Celebrity Tidings

Official and Out.

It is only with Selema Lupati has gone public and announced the relationship, and what better than an Instagram reel?

Credits: Pakkikhabar

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