14 Apr, 2023


Images From Gladiator 2 Reveal A New Coliseum Being Built

By FactsWow Team

A New Set Of Photos Is In The Works

Gladiator 2, directed by Ridley Scott, is getting underway with new set photos showing off the film's impressive colosseum.

Media Credits: The Blade Runner Wiki-Fandom

Loyalty Pledges Are Not To Be Made

After refusing to pledge loyalty to the cruel Emperor, a Roman general who refused to pledge loyalty is stripped of his title and sold into the life of a gladiator in Scott's upcoming film.

Media Credits: IMDb

Gladiator Cast Member

Recently, Denzel Washington, Barry Keoghan, and Paul Mescal joined the cast of Gladiator 2.

Media Credits: BuzzFeed

A Picture Has Been Shared

Numerous pictures have been shared from Gladiator 2's set by a Twitter fan account, Paul Mescal Updates, as production ramps up.

Media Credits: CinemaBlend

There Is Much Structure

As you can see in the above shots, a new gladiator pit has been built on the Morocco filming location, but the structure is largely made out of wood rather than the large Roman set from the original movie.

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Structure Of A Different Type

Eventually, the wooden stadium could be part of a larger Roman arena. However, it could also be a part of a different structure as construction continues.

Media Credits: Wikipedia

Cinemagoers Will Have A Great Time

The highly anticipated, highly discussed sequel Gladiator 2 will be released in 2024, which will be great fun for cinemagoers.

Media Credits: Vandal

Possible Scrapping Of The Upcoming Film

The upcoming film may have scrapped many of Gladiator 2's original ideas due to Crowe's doubts about returning and Mescal's casting as Lucius.

Media Credits: A2Z Filming Location

Participation Skills Required

However, the smaller arena could also have been a training arena where gladiators honed their skills before participating in the games.

Media Credits: Vocal Media

Sets From The Original Film

Despite being unconfirmed, the set photos from Gladiator 2 show an impressive production that matches the original film's set pieces.

Media Credits: Twitter

The Nominations For The Oscars

Besides its story, Gladiator earned 12 Oscar nominations and five wins, including Best Picture, for its production values, score, and direction.

Media Credits: screentune

Techniques Changing In Filmmaking

Gladiator 2's practical set shows that, despite changes in filmmaking techniques, it is determined to honor its predecessor while recapturing its epic narrative.

Media Credits: Encyclopedia Britannica

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