HunterGirl & Noah Thompson Promise To Be 'Always There For Each Other'

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Posted on: 06 Aug, 2022

As American Idol contestants Noah Thompson and HunterGirl got to know one another, they became fast friends. They consider each other to be their 'best friends because they are so close. 

As Noah mentioned in an interview with Hollywood Life, he and Hunter became increasingly close toward the end. The trailers were side by side and everything. Each day, we talked each other through it. It was just a matter of being there for one another.'

As a result of their rapid success, the two artists had found it helpful to have someone on their side who knew what they were up against - including all the good and the bad. 

'Hunter and I are best friends. We've been friends ever since then, and we will always be there for each other,' he concluded. It's kind of necessary for you to do this. As a couple, we're always there for each other.'

While they have performed together before and even spent some time in the studio together, they have not yet recorded a duet. According to HunterGirl, a duet with Thompson is possible in the future, according to a previous Hollywood Life interview. 

Hopefully, she says. HunterGirl shared that she hopes a duet is released in the future. The idea of someone coming together between us would be cool since he's one of my best friends. Be sure to stay tuned.'

The idea has also been endorsed by Thompson. There is no doubt in my mind that we might be able to do some sort of project in the future, he teased in an interview with Music Mayhem.

Thompson was among several contestants who released their music near the end of the competition. With HunterGirl on background vocals, he recorded his catchy debut single, 'One Day Tonight.' 

It's so easy to get along with Hunter. There's almost a sibling relationship between us. There is nothing I love more than Hunter. That was cool of her to do with me. Music Mayhem quoted Thompson as saying, 'It was cool that we were kind of in it together.'

The Idol alums had a busy week during this year's CMA Fest, performing in iconic venues like the Bluebird Café and on stage with country music artists like Jimmie Allen, Laci Kaye Booth, Chayce Beckman, and many others. They only got a taste of what's to come. 

Among his fans and fellow Idol contestants, Thompson received glowing reviews after releasing a country version of Rihanna's 2012 single, 'Stay.' The comment section on a user's writing stated, This song is going to be a No. 1!!

While HunterGirl is back in Nashville, she's also kept busy writing new music while she's back at home. She teased fans on social media that they can only wait and hope that Thompson's duet will also come to fruition while she's back home. 

The singer will perform in Fayette, AR with Chase Matthew and Frank Ray on Friday, August 5, and in Michigan with Noah Thompson on August 12.

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