15 Mar, 2023


'Human Beings Have Feelings,' Says Pauly Shore About The Oscars Joke

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AwardedThe Best Actor Award

Pauly Shore responded to Jimmy Kimmel's joke at Sunday's 95th Academy Awards. He revealed that both Encino Man co-stars won the Best Actor prize.

Media Credits: The Independent

Experiencing Scorn

Kimmel's epic opening monologue criticized the 55-year-old comedian - who spoke Monday and admitted he's used to being scorned.

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An Organization Resurrected It.

A frozen caveman is resurrected by geeky teenagers who thaw it back to life in Los Angeles in the 1992 comedy, which won Shore an Oscar.

Media Credits: Just Jared

Oscar Nominations For Encino Man

Two actors from Encino Man were nominated for the Oscars, and Kimmel mentioned that Pauly Shore must be having a difficult night.

Media Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

Discussed His Declining Career

Shore discussed his career decline by saying, 'We love to hate people when they are on top. Every time I acted, I put my heart into it,' he said. His films reflected his heart, and everyone hated him for it.

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A Performance To Be Commended

Quan won Best Supporting Actor for his acclaimed performance in Everywhere All at Once, while Fraser won Best Actor for his excellent performance in The Whale.

Media Credits: BuzzFeed

A Decade-Long Comeback

As both Fraser and Quan earned their respective wins on Sunday night, they capped off their remarkable Hollywood comebacks after decades of professional wilderness.

Media Credits: Twitter

Teamed Up To Make A Movie

The shore is proud of his two former co-stars, even though his Hollywood comeback is still on hold: In the past 30 years, people still talk about our movie, which is impressive to me. I'm happy for them. 

Media Credits: Look to the Star

The Nature Of Hollywood Is Srutal.

According to Shore, Hollywood is brutal, as you buy and sell people. It's different from selling real estate since people have feelings.

Media Credits: The New York Time

The Caption Was Gracious.

A gracious caption accompanied Pauly's Instagram post on Monday depicting Kimmel's scathing takedown.

Media Credits: Biography

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