02 Jan, 2023


Hugh Jackman was sad that he didn't become a part of the iconic Saga Avengers

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X-Men series

Hugh Jackman is the most loved actor. He appeared with his character Logan in the famous X Men Series from 2000- 2017.

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After playing the character for a long time, Hugh announced his retirement from the character, which was a shock to many.

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Deadpool 3

Later, Hugh Jackman Announced his comeback in Deadpool as Wolverine, and fans were excited. But he even revealed in an interview that she regrets not being a part of the Avengers and fighting Iron Man.

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Hugh Jackman is interested in sharing the screen with Robert

During the release of X men series Hugh revealed regrets about not being a part of the Avengers. He wished to share screen and have a fight with Iron Man onscreen.

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Avengers and Deadpool Fans

If only what Jackman wished for came through, all the Deadpool and Avengers would be very excited.

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The entry in Deadpool

Hugh Jackman stated it had been only 20 minutes since he watched Deadpool, and he was on a break for some 8-9/weeks. It hit him that he wants to play the part.

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The Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Scene

Since Hugh is coming as Wolverine, we can keep our fingers crossed to see Hugh and Robert fight with their respective characters.

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