Hugh Jackman suffered severe anxiety before the Shoot of 'The Son'

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Posted on: 21 Dec, 2022

Struggles throughout the Shoot

Hugh Jackman suffered throughout the filming of The Son. The movie's cast included Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

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Hugh recalls the plot of the movie. He played a father who was a lawyer, and his teenage son is suffering from depression. Hence Hugh remembers he is vulnerable too.

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Subject matter and Covid 19

Hugh Jackman talks about the movie's storyline, which held depression as a subject, and the Shoot was after Covid 19. It added to his anxiety.

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Dad's passing

Hugh Jackman plays a father in the movie, and his son is depressed. It resonated with Hugh as his Father, Christopher, passed away in September 2021.

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Go to Work

Hugh didn't take any time off his work because he looked up to his Father, who never missed a day at work. So he says if he asked his Father, the advice would come as go to work.

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Seeing a therapist

Hugh Jackman suffered throughout the Shoot of the movie. He continues to see a therapist as he has had many sleepless nights.

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Mental Health issues

Hugh Jackman openly discussed his mental health issues, and he said it is important to address it as any other part of the body, like the foot or brain.

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