How Jack and Taylor move next determines both their futures and how we feel about them

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

We've rooted for The Young and the Restless' Jack since he emerged from his philandering rat bastard phase and grew out of his long and sordid phase of philandering.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans have cheered for Taylor Hayes almost since she first appeared on the show. They are both facing a difficult turning point, and the other side could turn viewers against them. 

As far as Jack and Taylor are concerned, they both know who their old flames are. How many times has he been involved with Diane? How many times has he been involved with her?

The question doesn't matter, because the result is always the same: He ends up with third-degree burns, either because she dumps him for Victor's archenemy, or because she decides to cut her losses and play dead after dumping him.

As for Taylor, let's not play games. There isn't much difference between Ridge and Ridge. There is no doubt that he has never abandoned his kids by pretending to have been killed to run away from them. 

The only problem is that he has traded in his Doc so many times that they are usually divorced before the new set of monogrammed towels arrives in the mail. This doesn't exactly scream out “Oh, he's going to be a keeper,

What can we conclude, then, if Jack softens to the point where he even contemplates a romantic reunion with Diane... if Taylor rolls out the welcome mat and invites Ridge to treat her as an afterthought... what then? Can we draw any conclusions from this?

The options that are available to you are only two. 1. We like to think that Jack and Taylor are smart, but maybe they are not as smart as we like to think. As well as 2.

As a result, how are we going to ensure that we remain on their side if either of those situations is true? There would be no point in us volunteering to fight vicariously on the side of what is a losing cause.

We would be, in essence, asking for heartache as loudly as Jack and Taylor are saying they are. It would be a hard pass for us if that were the case. Would you like to share your experience with me?

Thank You!

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