How Instagram has upset the Kardashians

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 28 Jul, 2022

Recent Instagram changes haven't been well received by the Kardashians, and some users don't like the changes either. In October 2010, the popular photo-sharing app was launched and immediately became the most popular app in the world.

Over the past decade, the platform has seen many eras, from over-filtered images of carefully crafted breakfasts to photoshopped bodies. Using the app for longer periods helps users create perfectly curated feeds for their followers to admire. Surely the Kardashian-Jenner family has mastered the art of enhancing their lifestyles and images on Instagram.

The 'most followed woman on Instagram', Kylie Jenner is now second only to Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of followers. Her older sister, Kim Kardashian, has 35 million more followers than Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Jenner.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian is the sixth most followed account among the Kardashians, though it has always been the most popular. Despite being the youngest of the sisters in the famous family, Kylie has been credited many times for being the first to use Instagram to promote her brand.

Kar-Jenners (and many others) are frustrated with the popularity of Instagram after a decade. First of all, the app is a photo-sharing platform. It is a reference application for users who want to share photos of their day and photographers who want to share their work.

After 2020, TikTok's popularity skyrocketed, mainly because a lot of people were bored with quarantine. His entertainment was free on TikTok, while it was not on Instagram. With Instagram, users can filter their imperfect lives through a seamless lens to impress followers, while TikTok allows for genuine expression.

Instagram wants to capitalize on the success of TikTok, and the Kardashians want their old platform back. Since the use of videos is increasing on social networks, Instagram has started to prioritize camera rolls over photos. Reels are videos from TikTok on Instagram, and many times the videos are already available on TikTok.

Despite this, Instagram continues to promote them. It was a mistake on their part to assume that 'TikTokifying' their app would protect them from criticism from Kardashian. Kylie and Kim are upset that the app now sends videos instead of showing them their friends' posts, and they complained about their Instagram stories.

I just want to see cute pictures of my friends honestly everyone,' the post read, praising the Kardashians stars, who agree Instagram should stop copying TikTok and instead stick to what its users signed up for. Instagram executives must know that two of their most popular users are not happy with Instagram's attempt to be the next TikTok. If Kim and Kylie can't change the ways of Instagram, no one else can.

They are among the most influential celebrities on the planet. Its users are tired of its copycat ways, despite the app's attempts to evolve with the times. The Kar-Jenners rely on Instagram for free marketing and promotion, but if they can't get their act together, the stars could turn to TikTok as a new source of promotion.


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