How Far Will Findout General Hospital Spoilers Go?

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 20 Aug, 2022

These GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers require communication, but will anyone say the right thing? The film continues as Finn is determined to help Liz, Liz decides to come clean and T.J. saves the day! Alexis checks in with Molly, Maxie questions Spinelli, and Finn is getting into trouble with Cody!

Even though Elizabeth has rebuffed Finn's efforts to help her, Finn still wants to help her. Gregory is willing to risk their relationship if it means getting Liz better, despite Liz's warning about going against her wishes. He admits to his father that he cannot look the other way, 'no matter how much she hates me.'

Meanwhile, Liz has some apologizing to do after she unconsciously crushed a vial in her hand, cutting herself, due to a memory from her childhood. Towards the end of the conversation, she tells someone, 'You deserve to know the truth.'.

At the hospital, T.J. plays the role of the knight in shining armor as well. Is this guy trying to upset you with something he said?” he asks. Will he be allowed to help the person he is trying to help?

A Molly update is given to Alexis outside of Kelly's. The lack of news is good news, isn't it? Right away, she asks her daughter. Why does she seem to be so worried.

As Maxie sits at the pool, Spinelli is surprised when Maxie demands answers. Is there something you have been holding back on me? ” Excitedly, she asks. What is the maximum length of time he can keep his web of lies intact before it all collapses. 

The relationship between Dante and Sam may not be going as well as he had expected. He confesses this to Olivia, who reassures him that things with Sam are going well.

In response to Sam, he admits, 'I think I screwed up.'. Did he step too far too soon by asking her to move in with him? Because Sam argues at Kelly's with Kristina: 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'.

When Britt stopped by the stables to speak with Cody, he was able to learn more about his history, including why he punched Scott before agreeing to a second date, but now he seems to be putting his foot in his mouth once again! “Is that a compliment or a cheap shot?” she asks him, irritated.

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