18 Apr, 2023


How Do You Match Your Zodiac Sign To A Resident Evil 4 Character?

By FactsWow Team

Pisces: Mike

In RE4, Mike proves to be a valuable ally, a wonderful friend, and a selfless individual. He is a Pisces, which makes him an accurate match for Mike.

Media Credits: Reddit

Aquarius: The Merchant

Like Merchant, Aquarius is characterized by open-mindedness, complexity, uniqueness, and originality.

Media Credits: AS USA - Diario AS

Capricorn: Ada Wong

It sounds just like Ada Wong because Capricorns are goal-oriented and grounded. She never once strays from obtaining a sample of Las Plagas despite her complicated relationship with Leon and her tendency to rescue him from otherwise fatal situations.

Media Credits: Yahoo News

Sagittarius: Leon Kennedy

There are two characteristics of Sagittarius that Leon Kennedy understands well: a strong moral compass and a constant search for the bigger picture.

Media Credits: Sweety High

Scorpio: Osmund Saddler

It is also worth noting that Osmund Saddler exhibited the same traits that Scorpios are known for, including ambition, intelligence, and resourcefulness.

Media Credits: Neoseeker

Libra: Luis Serra Navarro

In the RE4 remake, Luis Serra Navarro strives to achieve a sense of balance in his life, just as Libras do.

Media Credits: ProGameTalk

Virgo: Albert Wesker

Because Virgos are highly organized and systematic, Albert Wesker fits perfectly with them. Although not physically in the game, Wesker is responsible for many of the events in the Resident Evil 4 remake - including why Ada is on the island and how Krauser killed Leon.

Media Credits: PinkNews

Leo: Ramon Salazar

The small-framed nobleman has a great sense of humor and enjoys being the center of attention, just like Leon Salazar does. Although Leon's one-liners may be better, Ramón Salazar is no different.

Media Credits: Polygon

Cancer: Ingrid Hunnigan

Cancer is known for being emotionally wise and smart, which makes Ingrid Hunnigan a great example. She cares about Leon's well-being and mission success since she is Leon's mission coordinator and provides him with crucial information.

Media Credits: IGN

Gemini: Bitores Mendez

The former missionary Bitores Méndez, now the right-hand man to Osmund Saddler, is a Gemini who tries to become friends with everyone.

Media Credits: Sirus Gaming

Taurus: Ashley Graham

The Taurus seeks stability and comfort above all else, and Ashley Graham certainly shares this trait. Despite many changes since 2005, Ashley's desire to return to her normal life remained the same.

Media Credits: Game Rant

Aries: Jack Krauser

When upset, Aries is hot-headed and aggressive, like Jack Krauser, born under the zodiac sign Aries.

Media Credits: Sirus Gaming

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