Here's why fans of the 1000-lb sisters are feuding over Amy Slaton Halterman's new baby picture

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Posted on: 28 Jul, 2022

It's not just the fate of the '1000-Lb Sisters' series that's in doubt, but one of its stars is too busy living her best life to care. Amy Slaton Halterman just gave birth to her second son, Glenn Allen Halterman, on July 5.

Despite his arrival a couple of weeks early, he is doing well with his mom. It is now complete with both of Amy's miracle boys; our family is complete!' Amy delightedly explained to People at the time.

Although Amy had a surprising reaction to the gender reveal of her second pregnancy (she had hoped for a girl), she couldn't be happier to be a boy mom. She also knows how lucky she is to be a mother at all.

Gage was born only four months after she underwent gastric bypass weight-loss surgery, which could have caused complications (NBC's 'Today'). According to an episode of '1000-Lb Sisters' (available here on YouTube), Amy was having trouble conceiving after Gage was born because of her age.

Additionally, Amy has diabetes, which made her pregnancy risky, according to InTouch Weekly. There have been thousands of congratulations on social media for the Halterman family, but some fans are concerned that Amy may have reverted to her old ways.

A message of love was added to Amy Slaton Halterman's Instagram post about her newborn, Glenn on July 26: 'Happy 3 week baby. Big bro always has your back. Between nap time cuddles to making sure you are ok. (note Mike and I were beside them so they won't fall).' 

There were many gushing comments on the post, but one commenter remarked on the stained couch the little ones were sleeping on. 'What a filthy couch you had your babies lying on.

I guess you didn't change your habits at all,' said one critic. As another chided, 'Keep your house clean for your babies... there is no room for laziness when it comes to keeping your house clean.'

It's been a constant challenge for Amy to maintain cleanliness, as she admits to having a hoarding problem. According to an episode from Season 3 of '1000-Lb Sisters,' the Halterman's hired professional cleaners because they couldn't handle the mess themselves.

They brought a badly stained mattress to their new home, as revealed in the season finale (via The US Sun). However, supporters urged critics to use MYOB instead. Fans from England complained, 'Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves for publicly shaming a new mum. If you have nothing nice to say, just scroll by.'

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