20 Dec, 2022


Here’s The Superman Stories, Inspired By James Gunn’s Movie

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The New 52 Action Comics

It gives a fresh start to the Character, Clark Kent, in ‘the New 52 Volume Action Comics’ with the return of the Golden age roots of Superman. Its creators are Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, who spend time envisioning a superman as a battling vigilante.

Credits: Slash Film

Superman: Secret Origin, A Holistic Man of Steel

Like Morrison, Johns is an amazing writer who throws out traditional stories and characters that can use in the right place. Superman: Secret Origin is the creator of artists Gary Frank and Johns, who attempted to craft a young Superman tale and draw out classic Silver Age adventures.

Credits: DC Database-Fandom

Superman: Birthright, The Crusading Reporter

The DC’s first superman origin tale, Superman: Birthright published after the debut of the Smallville Television series. It influences the focus of friendship between genius Lex Luthor and young Clark Kent, covering a civil battle in West Africa.

Credits: Comic Book Herald

Superman: Secret Identity, A Relatable Man of Steel

Superman: Secret Identity is the best Superman comic, created by Stuart Immonen and Kurt Busiek, not in the DC universe. It featured a limited series of lives in the world without any superhumans where Superman appeared as nothing but a character in comic books.

Credits: Pinterest

Superman: Year One, A Good among Mortals

The stories created by John Romita and Frank Miller are the flip side of the equation wherein Clark Kent is featured in such a powerful man as the untouched god from paper-thin mortals. It showed the man of Steel in the Dark Knight.

Credits: Den of Geek

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