Here’re The Top Romance Books 2022

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

The Romance books

There has been a rise in romance renaissance that drives popularity to NPT, and it thrives up the sales with a publishing giant of Penguin Random House with an increase of 50% in romance sales throughout 2021.

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D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding

If you believe that romance still goes without boundaries, you can read ‘D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding’ by Chencia C. Higgins. In this book, the twosome realizes the challenges worth rewarding.

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Kamila Knows Best

A modern retelling of ‘Kamila Knows Best’ by Farah Heron follows Kamila Hussain and her busy life on her Instagram account for her dog after throwing through a lavish Bollywood watch party.

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The Siren of Sussex

Evelyn Maltravers is the main character of the romance book ‘The Siren of Sussex’ by Mimi Matthews; she is a focused mind woman. For her family, she exerts all her force to be the best horseback rider to make a name for herself.

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This Woven Kingdom

‘This Woven Kingdom’ by Tahereh Mafi integrates Persian mythology into an imaginary love tale. The romance novel is a trilogy, following Kamran and Alizeh as the main two characters, while Alizeh considers a dual identity.

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You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty

If you’re intrigued to explore the romance with grieving a partner and exploring new relationships, then ‘You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty’ by Akwaeke Emezi is the best manuscript. You can explore love once more.

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Before I Let Go

The new edition of ‘Before I Let Go’ by Kennedy Ryan is next to a cup of coffee and flowers. It follows Josiah Wade and Yasmen to find a way to run a business and co-parent without any driving to each other.

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A Ballad of Love and Glory

The romance book ‘A Ballad of Love and Glory’ by Reyna Grande is about a Mexican-American war, following a healer, Ximena Salome, who uses gifts on the frontlines when Texas Rangers kill her husband.

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