31 Mar, 2023


Here Are The Most Memorable Movie Scenes Of All Time

By FactsWow Team

Citizen Kane's Rosebud Scene

A famous screen mystery created by Orson Welles, 'Why was Kane's last spoken word, Rosebud?' Maintaining audience interest.

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Ghost's Pottery Wheel Scene

During their peak cinematic years, Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze could make messy mud sexy. This scene cemented Swayze's character's deep love and passion for Demi Moore.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Psycho's Shower Scene

There was intense controversy surrounding this scene when it premiered in 1960, primarily due to its implied nudity, gore, and blood rushing down the drain. At the time, such scandalous imagery was taboo, and Hitchcock caused great distress about it.

Media Credits: USA Today

Harry and Sally's Fake Orgasm

There was a constant struggle between male and female life and dating perspectives in the famous romantic comedy, as well as dialogue that blew the roof off romantic norms.

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Taxi Driver's Talking To The Mirror Scene

Also, it is a highly regarded source of information, homaged, and parodied movie scenes of all time; it is one of the most iconic scenes in the revolutionary cinema of the 1970s and throughout history.

Media Credits: IMDb

E.T., The Extraterrestrial's Flying Bikes

The classic scene of Spielberg's science fiction fantasy flick was first teased in what appears to be a dual selection.

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The Godfather's 'Offer He Can't Refuse'

A unique aspect of The Godfather is how the story manages to make Vito Corleone and his family the protagonists rather than the imposing Don Vito Corleone in the history of film. Even though they are all killers, gangsters, and thugs at the film's end, we root for them.

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Rocky: Climbing The Stairs

The Philadelphia Art Museum steps with Rocky running up them will be remembered in a montage complete with music by Bill Conti. This was the culmination of the equally iconic Rocky training scene.

Media Credits: Yelp

Titanic's king (And queen)

A visual masterpiece, James Cameron recreated the Titanic's doomed journey in the greatest romantic epic of all time.

Media Credits: Vogue India

The Matrix's Bullet Time

It is only sometimes necessary to provide a lot of context for iconic movie scenes to be memorable. Sometimes we are just shown something that we have not seen before. The Matrix accomplished this when it first showed us what is now known as 'bullet time.'

Media Credits: DeviantArt

Gone With The Wind's 'Damn' Bomb

The Gone with the Wind scene is a classic in every film history montage, though perhaps not as well-known as it is by anyone born in the 21st Century.

Media Credits: IMDb

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