Here are some signs that Hosanna & the other Plathville kids are keeping in touch with each other

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Posted on: 16 Aug, 2022

In Welcome to Plathville, Hosanna Plath left after episode 1, and although she has not been mentioned since then, it appears that she remains close to some of her siblings. After Plath parents Kim.

Barry Plath announced their shocking divorce, a number of fans hoped Hosanna would appear, but so far she has avoided the cameras. Though she prefers to keep her life private with no social media, there are clues that Hosanna and her siblings have seen each other since she left the farm.

There were nine Plath children growing up on a 55-acre farm, and they spent most of their time developing their individual hobbies. Like the other Plath children, Hosanna is the eldest daughter and a gifted musician.

Plath Family Band required each child to sing and play an instrument of their choice, and Hosanna was gifted with the banjo. Kim stated in a documentary about the family that Hosanna's hobby was writing to her dozens of pen pals.

As with Ethan Plath, Hosanna followed in her mother's and father's footsteps by getting married at a young age, like Kim and Barry Plath. Kim Plath told her children that they should date the person they intend to marry, so Ethan and Olivia Plath were married and Hosanna Plath married Timothy Nobel.

Hosanna and Timothy moved to Ohio in 2019 after getting married to start their new life away from the cameras of Welcome to Plathville. Even though Micah Plath has stated that he was not particularly close to his older sister, numerous Plath children have indicated that they remain in contact.

The Plath children are now allowed to possess cell phones, which makes it much easier for them to maintain contact with Hosanna. It is unknown whether Hosanna Plath has any social media accounts, but a photograph posted on Instagram by her grandmother Barb Plath seems to show the girl with her two sons.

Upon responding to the post, Lydia Plath commented, 'I'll be there in just 30 hours!!' Although Kim and Barry have not mentioned becoming grandparents on Welcome to Plathville, several family members likely joined Lydia to see Hosanna's newborn in Ohio, and they clearly keep in touch with each other.

After posting several sweet pictures on Instagram, Ethan, Olivia, Micah, and Moriah traveled to Minnesota to visit family. Several Welcome to Plathville viewers believes that the Plath siblings stopped in Ohio before making their way to Minnesota or that Hosanna took the photograph of the family.

While Hosanna was not able to comment on her parent's divorce, which would have been interesting since it goes against their values growing up, she may appear on an upcoming episode of Welcome to Plathville.

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