15 Apr, 2023


Here Are Some Reasons Tammy's Healthy Diet May Fail

By FactsWow Team

Served Fast Food And Fried Food Growing Up

It's not looking good for Tammy Slaton, a 1,000-pound star from Sisters who grew up eating fast food and fried food because she was left to her own devices as a child.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Life Has Not Been Easy For

Even though Tammy and her sister, Amy Slaton, have not had the easiest life, some doubt Tammy's commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Media Credits: The Hollywood Gossip

A Poor Standard Of Living

Despite living in poor conditions, the 1000-pound Sisters and their best friend turned to food for comfort while their mother worked outside the home.

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Tammy's Life Expectancy Was Short

Amy was the first Sisters member to qualify for gastric bypass surgery in the first 1,000-lb season, as Tammy faced a shorter life expectancy due to her heavy weight.

Media Credits: Yahoo News NZ

Life-Saving Measures Were Needed

It took Tammy three seasons to have the surgery she needed to save her life, but she might have ruined it all by not taking care of herself properly.

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The Candy Eater Tammy Slaton

There have been many complaints about YouTube videos where Tammy eats sugary and high-calorie candies, which are the main focus of her TikTok videos.

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Doctors Have Warned Tammy

The doctors have warned Tammy about eating processed foods since the day she was born because this is one of her Achilles heels.

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Frozen Candy Has Several Benefits

A recent video featuring Tammy demonstrates the benefits of freeze-dried candy, which includes brands such as Starbursts and Skittles.

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1000-lb Sisters Fans dislike Tammy Slaton 

Tammy has had to deal with naysayers for years, as they used social media to criticize her. She understands how fans of 1000-lb Sisters can be extremely supportive and cruel.

Media Credits: Hollywood Life

Their Show Has Always Been Bullied

Amy and Tammy have been bullied ever since their show aired on TLC, with mean-spirited fans making fun of Tammy's extreme weight and rage issues.

Media Credits: The Mirror

The Marriage Of Tammy Slaton

It has been said that once a woman gets married, she can forget about finding a partner. Although this statement is outdated, it does have some merit.

Media Credits: The US Sun

Rehab Center For Medical Conditions

While also struggling with Caleb's extreme weight, Tammy and Caleb Willingham got married during their time in a medical rehab facility.

Media Credits: People

Discharged From Rehab, Tammy Slaton

Following her treatment at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center, Tammy was discharged in February after finally qualifying for her gastric bypass surgery in August.

Media Credits: Parade

Tammy Slaton Is Supporting Amy

Although Tammy and Amy have been doing their best on their restrictive diets, Amy recently announced she and Michael have divorced.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Stressed Out By Many Things

As Tammy's sister undergoes much stress, support could easily lead to her comfort eating, which could harm her diet.

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