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Here are 28 popular guest stars from 'Criminal Minds' you might not be aware of over the years

By FactsWow Team

Mark Hamill

He portrayed serial killer John Curtis, also known as The Replicator, who imitated the atrocities of earlier killers apprehended by the BAU and was featured in the episodes 'Brothers Hotchner' (season 8, episode 23) and 'The Replicator' (season 8, episode 24).

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Elle Fanning

Tracy Belle, a young woman who escaped two distinct serial killers, was the character she portrayed and was also appeared in the following episodes: Season 2, Episodes 6 and 23 of 'No Way Out II: The Evilution of Frank.'

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Amber Heard

She portrayed Lila Archer, a potential love interest for Reid who was an actor and was also appeared in the following episode: 'Somebody's Watching,' Season 1, Episode 18

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Jason Alexander

He portrayed Professor Paul Rothchild, a serial killer who was out for blood when Rossi condemned his brother to death and was also featured in 'Masterpiece,' Season 4, Episode 8 of the show.

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Rachael Leigh Cook

In the last season, she played Maxine, Reid's girlfriend, and also appeared in the following episodes: Season 15, Episodes 4 ('Saturday'), and 6 ('Date Night').

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Luke Perry

He portrayed Benjamin Cyrus, the ebullient sect head of the Separatists, and also appeared in 'Minor Loss,' Season 4, Episode 3 of the show.


Evan Peters

He portrayed Charlie Hillridge, a young man who was kidnapped as a child and later aided his kidnappers and also appeared in 'Mosley Lane,' Season 5, Episode 16 of the show.

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Aubrey Plaza

She portrayed Cat Adams, a.k.a. The Black Widow Killer, an assassin who was fascinated with Reid and despised him simultaneously. Was also appeared in the following episodes: Season 11, Episode 11 of 'Entropy,' Season 12, Episodes 21 and 22 of 'Green Light,' 'Red Light,' 'Date Night,' episode six of season 15

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James Van Der Beek

Tobias Hankel, the unsub who wanted to purge the world of sinners and abducted Reid, was the character he played and also appeared in the following episodes: Season 2, Episodes 14 and 15 (The Big Game and Revelations, respectively).

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Mae Whitman

She portrayed Julie, a kidnapping victim, and was featured in 'Cradle to Grave,' the fifth episode of Season 5.

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Bellamy Young

Beth Clemmons, Hotch's girlfriend, was the role she played and was appeared in 'The Bittersweet Science,' Episode 10 of Season 7. 'Closing Time,' Episode 14 of Season 7, 'A Family Affair,' Episode 16 of Season 7. 'Hit,' episode 23 of Season 7; 'Run,' Episode 24 of Season 7; Through the Looking Glass from Season 8, Episode 3 and Brothers Hotchner from Season 8, Episode 23.

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Tyler James Williams

He portrayed Russ Montgomery, the international response team's technical analyst, for the FBI and was a guest star in Season 10, Episode 19 ('Beyond Borders')

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Michelle Trachtenberg

She portrayed Diane Turner, the stalker who kidnapped and killed Maeve, Reid's lover, and appeared in 'Zugzwang' from Season 8, Episode 12.

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Daryl Sabara

Who she portrayed: Maeve Reid's girlfriend Reid's stalker, Diane Turner, who kidnapped and killed Maeve and appeared in 'Zugzwang,' which was airing in Season 8 Episode 12.

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Finn Wittrock

He portrayed serial killer Harvey Morell, a former associate of an earlier unsub, in the movie and appeared in 'True Genius,' Season 7, Episode 11 of the show.

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Gavin Rossdale

He portrayed Dante, a rock singer who resembled a vampire and was a suspect in a murder inquiry and. Was appeared in Season 5, Episode 7 ('The Performer')

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Thomas Howell

He portrayed serial killer George Foyet, also known as The Reaper, who killed Hotch's wife Haley and was appeared in the following episodes: Season 4, Episode 18 'Omnivore,' To Hell and Back, Episode 25 of Season 4, Episode 1 of Season 5, 'Faceless, Nameless,' '100,' episode 9 of Season 5 Route 66 from Season 9 and 'And in the End' from Season 15 are two examples of episodes.

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Jackson Rathbone

He portrayed Adam Jackson, a rapist and serial killer, and was appeared in 'Conflicted,' which was Season 4 Episode 20.

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Matthew Lillard

David Roy Turner, a rapist, serial killer, and member of a two-person killing team, was the character he played and also appeared in 'The Apprenticeship,' Season 8, Episode 6.

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Aaron Paul

He portrayed Michael Zizzo, a high schooler who was wanted for cult-related homicides and made an appearance in 'The Popular Kids,' Episode 10 of Season 1.

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Ben Savage

He portrayed Jason Gideon, a younger version of Mandy Patinkin's famous character, and was appeared in the following episodes: 'Nelson's Sparrow' from Season 10 and 'Face Off' from Season 15.

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Sheryl Lee Ralph

Hayden Montgomery, Rossi's second ex-wife, was the role she played and was appeared in the episodes 'Inner Beauty' (Season 11, Episode 20) and 'The Storm' (Season 11, Episode 22).

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Tim Curry

He portrayed Billy Flynn, a serial killer and rapist who went by the moniker 'The Prince of Darkness.' and appeared in the episodes 'Our Darkest Hour' from Season 5 and 'The Longest Night' from Season 6.

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Cameron Monaghan

He portrayed Jeffrey Charles, a young serial killer who preyed on kids and was appeared in 'The Boogeyman' from Season 2, Episode 6.

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Forest Whitaker

He portrayed Sam Cooper, the Unit Chief for the Red Cell squad of the BAU, and was a guest star in Season 5, Episode 18 of 'The Fight.'


Frankie Muniz

He portrayed Jonny McHale, a graphic novel writer, and serial killer, and appeared in 'True Night,' Season 3 Episode 10 of the show.

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Danny Glover

Hank Morgan, Derek Morgan's late father, was the character he played and had an appearance in 'Derek' from Season 11, Episode 16.

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Sterling K. Brown

He portrayed Fitz, the chief security guard of the US Embassy in Barbados, and was a guest star in Season 10, Episode 19 ('Beyond Borders')


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