14 Apr, 2023


Here Are 14 Of The Best Battlefield Games

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Battlefield 2

A game that has profoundly influenced history, Battlefield 2 has set the benchmark for a future of action games, and first-person shooters are in store for us.

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Battlefield 3

It was Battlefield 3 that brought the franchise to a new level. In addition to the fantastic missions in New York City and Paris, the game had a great campaign mode. You could step into the roles of various soldiers in the story.

Credits: IMDb

Battlefield 4

Despite doing little to differentiate itself from its immediate predecessor, Battlefield 4 did a great job on most things.

Credits: IMDb

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 multiplayer was renowned for vehicle combat, and vehicle gameplay became its trademark. Despite bad graphics, the game is still enjoyable almost 20 years after its release.

Credits: Wikipedia

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Players will fondly remember the second game in the Battlefield: Bad Company spinoff series, continuing the storyline from the original game.

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Battlefield 1

From the unique campaign to the exciting multiplayer, Battlefield 1 has everything to offer: smooth gunplay and clean graphics, exciting yet balanced multiplayer, and real-world realism.

Credits: UOL

Battlefield Vietnam

After launching the genre by creating WW2 FPS Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam blended the original's multiplayer with new features like jets and helicopters.

Credits: Wikipedia

Battlefield: Bad Company

Although the sequel eclipsed the original in terms of critical acclaim, the original remains a classic of the first-person shooter genre.

Credits: NME

Battlefield 1943

As a digital-only release at a time when such games were uncommon, Battlefield 1943 is a game of which first-person shooter fans are likely to have fond memories.

Credits: Wikipedia

Battlefield 5

Following the disappointing Battlefield: Hardline, Battlefield 1 brought back a World War 1 setting, leading to some skepticism about Battlefield 5 returning to World War 2.

Credits: PlayStation

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

The first entry in the Battlefield franchise to be released for home consoles was 2005's Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

Credits: YouTube

Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142 is different from a Battlefield game at first glance; set in the far future, no previous Battlefield titles had explored this background.

Credits: Wikipedia

Battlefield: Hardline

A disappointing launch for Battlefield Hardline, the game scored 73 on Metacritic. Although not horrible, it is a low point for the franchise.

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Battlefield 2042

As Battlefield 2042 has evolved into an experience that can be perfectly enjoyable with the addition of good content and fixes to the worst problems, it has been stabilizing into a game that provides solid entertainment.

Credits: PlayStation

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