15 Apr, 2023


Here Are 10 American Idol Finalists Who Could Take Over As Host

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Perfect Replacements

It's unlikely that Ryan Seacrest will leave American Idol at some point, but if he does, some AI alumni would be perfect replacements.

Media Credits: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Season 1 Of Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's music career has been among the most successful in American Idol history. Her talk show accomplishments, however, make her the ideal host for the show.

Media Credits: People

Season 1 Of Justin Guarini

As runner-up on season 1 of American Idol, Justin gained experience performing in front of live audiences through several Broadway shows.

Media Credits: The Us sun

Season 2 Of Clay Aiken

In 2004, Clay hosted a television special called A Clay Aiken Christmas based on his experience on American Idol season 2.

Media Credits: Reuters

Season 3 Of Jennifer Hudson

Her unique personality and incredible vocal talent made her a favorite of viewers, but she placed seventh in season 3 of American Idol.

Media Credits: Hollywood Life

Season 5 Of Taylor Hicks

He won American Idol season 5 with his energetic performances and stellar vocals. Later, Taylor appeared on Broadway and gained even more live performance experience.

Media Credits: The Us sun

Season 6 Of Jordin Sparks

Her successful career includes appearing on Broadway and hosting the 2023 Super Bowl as an in-stadium host. She won American Idol season 6 at the age of 17.

Media Credits: Access

Season 7 Of David Cook

His musical expertise would make David a knowledgeable American Idol host. He won season seven of American Idol, demonstrating his intelligence and musical talent.

Media Credits: Vecteezy

Season 10 Of Lauren Alaina

A perfect host for American Idol would be Lauren, the runner-up in season 10 of the competition.

Media Credits: Vecteezy

Season 16 Of Catie Turner

American Idol season 16 placed Catie Turner seventh due to her quirky character and big voice. She was one of the first auditions to air when ABC rebooted American Idol.

Media Credits: Pinterest

Season 20 Of HunterGirl

Her work with veterans helped her turn their stories into songs. She was the first ever platinum ticket winner on American Idol season 20.

Media Credits: MassLive.com

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