Her Cutest Newborn Son Pics: Amy Halterman, The 1000-Lb Sisters

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Posted on: 01 Aug, 2022

Amy Halterman, of 1000-Lb Sisters, recently gave birth to her second son, Glenn, and has been sharing adorable photos of him. One of the stars of 1000-Lb Sisters, Amy Halterman, has been posting adorable pictures of her son since his birth.

Gage Deon Halterman is Amy's first son, and he now has a little brother named Glenn Allen Halterman. In order to take care of her young sons, Amy has been on a weight loss journey since the start of the show.

1000-Lb Sisters is a show starring 36-year-old Tammy Slaton and 34-year-old Amy. In the beginning, Tammy weighed over 600 pounds and Amy weighed over 400 pounds, and viewers were immediately concerned about their health.

Since then, Amy has struggled with her weight and exercise levels, but after gastric bypass surgery, she weighs less than 300 pounds. The worry Amy had about her poor health having an effect on a child led her to change her ways after becoming pregnant with Gage in 2020.

While pregnant with her second child, the 1000-Lb Sisters star posted adorable Instagram updates about it. Throughout her pregnancy, Amy posted pictures of foods that were about the same length and weight as her son, making fans nearly as excited as she was.

An Instagram picture of Amy, Michael, and Glenn, the newest member of the family, was posted by Amy on July 8. There were a lot of gushing comments over this post, which included four pictures.

The picture shows Amy with blue hair matching the first hat she bought her baby boy, who was asleep peacefully. As well as adding a picture of Gage holding Glenn for the first time, she added a picture of Gage being a loving older brother.

In a post that melted fans' hearts, Amy showed off a brand new hairstyle and her adorable newborn. She's pictured kissing Glenn's head while he's wearing the cutest little camouflage onesie.

She captioned the photo, 'Before bed cuddles!' and fans were torn between complimenting her hair color or the cute baby. This Instagram post for 1000-Lb Sisters fans showed Amy at her happiest.

As she showed off both of her babies cuddling, she said that Gage was already a very attentive big brother, wanting to keep holding Glenn. Despite the rollercoaster of emotions over three seasons of the show, fans are excited for Amy and her new family.


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