07 Jan, 2023


Henry Cavill walked out of the DC universe, so Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam could take over

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DC Universe to Revamp

The makers, James Gunn, and Producer Peter Safran are revamping the DC universe. Last month these two men were declared as the heads of the DC studios.

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Ten-year vision

They have been working on a vision that will impact them for ten years. They will do so to present Warner Bros Discover CEO Mr. David Zaslav.

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New Direction

Now that the DC Universe is entering a new direction. Many Characters in existing movies can witness an overhaul. Henry Cavill as Superman is ousted, and Wonder Woman 3 is put on hold.

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Dwayne Johnson is the cause

Henry Cavill's exit from the DC universe is mostly linked with Dwayne Johnson since he wanted Black Adam to be a central part of the DCU.

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The reason

Because Dwayne Johnson wants Black Adam to be in the main spot, it could be the reason for Henry Cavill's exit. But the maker James Gunn did say they want to introduce a young Superman. Dwayne could have been a part of this chat.

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Pitching ideas

Dwayne had directly pitched the idea of having a multi-year plan for Black Adam to CEO David Zaslav. He seems to have convinced everyone to make Black Adam the central character.

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Some rumors claim that Johnson proposed that Black Adam and Superman could be in the central role of the new DCU before Henry Cavill departed.

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Fans Displeased

Henry's departure did not go well with the fans. They shared their displeasure via Twitter. Many even called out Dwayne Johnson for Henry Cavill's exit from the franchise.

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James Gunn says Superman is important

But Dwayne's Proposal is sidelined. As James Gunn stated, Superman movie is a priority. Black Adam is not appropriate to be the franchise's central part. Because Dwayne Johnson still needs to gain the depth which Superman and Batman possess.

Media Credits: Bollywood Hungama

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