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Heidi Montag's Net Worth

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Heidi's Net Worth and Salary

Heidi is an American Actress with a net worth of 300 thousand dollars. Her net worth is combined with her husband, Spencer Pratt. They earlier revealed that the combined assets would make up $ 10 million.

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MTV The Hills

Heidi became popular with the MTV reality series The Hills. She met Lauren Conrad, and they attended the Fashion Institute of LA. The friends left the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising when she was hired at Bolthouse Productions. At this phase, both Conrad and Montag appeared on The Hills. It aired from 2006- 2010.

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The Relationship

Montag dated Spencer Pratt as a cast member, and the relationship started causing problems with her other cast members. They got married in 2009. They starred in the sixth series but were unfortunately removed from the series after Spencer and the producer got into a fight. They are parents to a boy who was born in 2017.

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The Career

Heidi released her debut album in January 2010. Her digital album sold 1000 copies, while the single More is More made it to the music charts. In 2010, Heidi announced she had had ten plastic surgery.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Reality Tv

Heidi was featured on the TV series Famous Food. She partnered with various celebrities.

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The Fortune that blew

Heidi and Spencer 2013 announced they were broke. At one point, the couple had assets worth $ 10 million.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Planet destroyed

Heidi and Spencer even admitted they thought the world would end in 2012 and had to spend the money before that.

Media Credits: People

Fame Fades

Spencer has even spent money on clothes and various types of Crystals. The couple even spent $2.5M on Heidi's musical career and have only sold 6000 copies.

Media Credits: Metro UK

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