Heidi Klum Yodel: Take A Look At The People's Choice Awards 2022

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Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022

Heidi Klum brings hotness

Heidi Klum brings 'hotness' to the Red Carpet, which arrived in style at Barker Hanger of Calif.

The People's choice awards 2022

The supermodel has seen in the 'People's choice awards 2022' held on 6th December at the Barker Hangar, Santa Monica, Calif.

Heidi rocked in a Geometric Green Dress

At people's choice awards, Heidi rocked with a white mini and geometric green dress, paired up with white thigh-high boots, seeing from 'Making the Cut's Yannik Zamboni.'

Heidi unveiled her hidden skills

From the 'critics' choice awards,' Heidi has just shown her updated fashion on the red carpet. She told her hidden skills by saying, 'I make meatballs and like to be a yodel at the same time.

Heidi is obsessed with vocals

At people choice awards 2022, Heidi confirmed that she is a yodel and likes to perform live yodeling skills. It observed that she is completely obsessed with the vocals.

The Competition Show of 2022

In the evening, Heidi prepared for the Competition show of America's Got Talent, where she faced off against 'The Bachelorette, Dancing with the stars, American Idol, The masked Singer and The voice' after people's choice awards 2022 nominations.

The Fabulous Fashion Moment

Over a month, the 49 years-old fabulous moments arrived at people's choice awards 2022 nominees as she waggled down the red carpet at 'Halloween bash' in New York City. She dressed in a condensing earthworm outfit.

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