28 Dec, 2022


Having an epic New Year's Eve party for kids has never been easier

By FactsWow Team

Join the Brits in celebrating

You can experience the excitement of a New Year's Eve countdown, without the brutal bedtime, by streaming the ball drop of a city in a major city that isn't your own.

Credits: California

Character-based countdown

Keeping it simple by cueing your kids' favorite characters is a good alternative to Ryan Seacrest or live big-city countdowns.

Credits: Parade

Create a photo booth

Simple backdrops can be created by buying a roll of craft paper that kids can customize with glitter, pompoms, gold lettering, or anything else they like.

Credits: Michigan

Make up a midnight party

When our kids were tiny, we remember celebrating New Year's Eve just before nap. When they got older, we agreed that 'It's midnight somewhere' was the best approach.

Credits: Ohio

Let's eat our favorite foods

Kids change so much from year to year! Let them plan a dinner menu based on their favorite things. New Year's Eve is a night to reflect on the year that has passed.

Credits: The Bash

Put on your best clothes

Make your party feel like a night out, even though you're not going out. If you provide your guests with cute New Year's crowns, they'll feel like royalty.

Credits: Better Homes & Gardens

Become a noisemaker

Every party is complete with some noisemakers. These are festive black and gold and fit the party theme perfectly.

Credits: Tinybeans

Make something creative and crafty

Year Cheer's New Year's Eve boxes have all sorts of family games, activities, and decor so that you can create beautiful and lasting family memories.

Credits: USA Today

Dance the night away

You can invest in a bubble machine and inexpensive dance floor lights to set the mood

Credits: USA Today

Watch a movie together

If your little one wants to party but isn't quite ready to sit through a full-length film, Happy New Year Charlie Brown is just for them.

Credits: AllEvents.in

Make it a wall projection

Project your movie or countdown onto the wall instead of cramming everyone on the couch to watch it - it will make it a fun event that all the guests will enjoy.

Credits: Travel Triangle

A bubbly drink would be nice

With our testers' picks of nonalcoholic champagnes, you can make an above-the-board toast with kids without compromising style.

Credits: The Mirror

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