17 Apr, 2023


Harry Potter Movies: The Unforgivable Mistakes That Television Remakes Have To Fix

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Warner Bros

Warner Bros is in discussion for the TV series Remake of ‘Harry Potter.’ It is the right opportunity to correct the biggest mistakes in the original films. The movies are beloved and iconic, featuring the Harry Potter Books in a shorter format. 

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The Flavor Of Harry’s Tale 

In the Harry Potter series, the story adds a dramatic feel to the on-screen. It implies that the savor of Harry’s story was not remaining similar from one to another. Though, if this TV series turned into a reality, it would have the chance to cure a few significant issues. 

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Changed The Ages Of James & Lilly Potter 

Harry Potter films should not change the ages of Lilly and James. It didn’t reflect the casts of canon ages once they die. Harry’s parents were at 21 years into the books when Lord Voldemort killed them. 

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Used Muggle Attire Too Much 

One of the endearing aspects of the wizarding realm is that witches and wizards who have had limited exposure to the Muggle world often need help with proper attire etiquette. Everyone in the Harry Potter books wore robes instead of modern clothing. It was retconned to the movies. 

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The Personality Of Harry Was Simplified 

Daniel Radcliffe was the perfect individual for role-playing in Harry Potter. The Television remake replaced him. Though, there are many ways to improve the character. Harry is quick-witted and sarcastic in such books as Severus Snape, Dolores Umbridge, and Dursleys. 

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Dobby Should Appear More In The Movies 

Dobby was the most-healthy personality in the Harry Potter films. It made his demise in the series and the Deathly Hallows devastating. Dobby was only seen in the film, ‘Chamber of Secrets’ before he died in Deathly Hallows.

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