Where Was Harlan Coben Shelter Filmed? Filming Locations of the Prime Video Teen Drama Series

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Shelter is finally out!

Harlan Coben Shelter, the latest teen drama series premiered yesterday, August 18, on Prime Video.The much-looked-forward-to film has accumulated a hiked inquisitiveness for its detailed production and ideal filming locations.

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The foundation!

The series is based on the foundation of Harlan Coben’s novel, “shelter.” The series plunges into Mickey Bolitar who tries to get through hard strains in life.

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Bringing Out the Meticulous Details!

Filming for the series was done meticulously to bring out a sense of hardship and reminiscence. The series that wrapped up at the end of 2021 was shot at Herlen Coben’s home in New Jersey. Part of the core filming locations included New City Hall, Jersey City, Sea Bright and Montclair. These selected filming locations served as the background of emotional turmoils and also painted an image of originality enhancing an ideal experience for viewers.

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Why New Jersey?

Harlan Coben's Shelter was shot in New Jersey because the location brought in the story in ways of unlatching truths within a residential community. Each filming location was carefully selected to shade light on some of the themes conveyed in the story, it had to capture all cultural dimensions and emotional moments to depict satisfaction among all the viewers.

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New City Hall, New Jersey

New City Hall was selected as an ideal location owing to its stately architectural historical relevance. The prominent building plates up a perfect surrounding to outline government undertakings in the show.

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Jersey City, New Jersey

Another filming location that was ideally selected was Jersey City. This surrounding captured the sinuous life of Mickey Bolitar who had to navigate through a web of difficulties. The creation team clearly brought out curiosity and mystery with its perfectly laid lineal city streets.

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Sea Bright, New Jersey

Sea Bright was also another ideal place for filming. The scenic coastal town in New Jersey brought in an element of attractiveness in the film, setting the theme of calm and concealed conflicts in motion.

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Montclair, New Jersey

The residential scenes in Montclair brought in an aspect of peaceful neighborhood and community in the show. This location holds a core walk-on part of Shelter's storyline, this setting will bring in mysteric conundrums that will leave viewers glued and fascinated to their screens.

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Starring Characters

The starring characters in the film will include Jaden Michael, Constance Zimmer, Adrian Greensmith, Abby Corrigan, Sage Linder, Brian Altemus, Lee Aaron Rosen, Hunter Emery, Antonio Cipriano, Tovah Feldshuh, among others, who will drive in the full essence of the story.

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The official Synopsis

The official synopsis of Shelter as per IMDb, reads: 'The story of Mickey Bolitar and his new life with a mom in rehab, a dead father, an annoying aunt, and a new school in New Jersey.'

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