Handwritten note! A greeting card from Marilyn Monroe's father, Charles Stanley Gifford, sells for $31K!

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Posted on: 20 Dec, 2022

Greeting card!

Marilyn Monroe’s father, Stanley Gifford, gave greeting cards with a handwritten note to her star daughter that auctioned over $31,000.

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The hefty price of the card!

A handwritten greeting card sold for a hefty sum at Julien’s Auctions and TCM Present: icons & Idols Hollywood over the weekend in Beverly Hills.

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Announcement from auction house!

The auction house announced on Twitter, 'A get-well greeting card from Marilyn Monroe’s father, Stanley C. Gifford, sold for $31.250.

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The final secret of Marilyn!

The Blonde Bombshell’s father, Stanley C. Gifford, proved via DNA testing that subject of the upcoming documentary Marilyn's final secret.

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The connection between father and daughter!

The greeting card is a material artifact that establishes a connection or communication between Gifford and his famous daughter Marilyn.

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Handwritten note!

Gifford began before the card’s pre-written greeting, 'This cheery little get-well note comes especially to say a lot of thoughts and wishes to are with you every day.'

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Own words of Gifford!

With a little prayer, ‘Gifford ended his own words before singing the card, Stanley Gifford, Red Rock Dairy Farm, Hemet, Calif.'

Credits: People

Discovered the card!

Scott Fortner, a Monroe historian and co-host of the All Things Marilyn podcast, said he discovered the card purely by chance while preparing for the auction.

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The estimated worth of the card!

Julien estimated the card would be sold for $2000 to $3000 featuring art on the front of a little girl standing on a music note with a handwritten note.

Credits: Woman's World

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