Halle Bailey Pregnant? Chloe Bailey Shuts Down The Rumors With A Fiery Response

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Rumors have been swirling that singer and actress Halle Bailey is pregnant. The gossip began based on Halle baggy outfits in videos. But her protective sister Chloe Bailey fired back at the speculation during an Instagram Live. Fans applauded Chloe for defending Halle from invasive pregnancy rumors. Halle herself has not addressed the controversy so far.

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The Pregnancy Rumors Spread

Some social media users shared old videos of Halle wearing an oversized shirt dress in mid-August. They claimed she was hiding a baby bump. The clips were from a Beyonce concert on 14 Aug. Another video showed a woman believed to be Halle in a baggy tee passing Halle boyfriend DDG. The rumors took off from there.

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Chloe Bailey Shuts It Down

Chloe took to Instagram Live to address the pregnancy gossip about her sister. She stated angrily that 'Y'all better keep my sister's name out your mouth. Thank you. Amen, hallelujah.' She added emphasis with 'No. Like, what the heck? Period.' Someone off-camera even chimed in 'We don't play about Halle.' Chloe made it crystal clear she would not stand for the disrespectful speculation.

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Fans Supportive Reactions

Fans quickly showed support for the Bailey sisters by praising Chloe for defending Halle. They called out the rumor-mongers for being intrusive and telling Halle business. Many pointed out Halle can wear whatever she wants without pregnancy speculation. The fans unanimous defense of Halle sent a message to halt the gossip.

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Halle Stays Silent

So far Halle has not addressed the pregnancy rumors directly. She has not posted on social media since 14 Aug. Halle may be staying quiet to avoid giving the gossip life. Or she may speak out on her own time when she is ready. She is letting sister Chloe shut down the chatter for now

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Who Are Halle and Chloe Bailey?

Halle and Chloe are singers and actresses known as the R&B duo Chloe x Halle. They are signed to Beyonce Parkwood Entertainment. The sisters have released two albums and star on the TV series Grown-ish. Halle is set to play Ariel in Disney live-action The Little Mermaid.

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Halle Bailey has faced unfair pregnancy speculation based on her baggy clothes. But her sister Chloe fiercely defended her on Instagram Live telling gossipers to back off. Fans supported the sisters and called out the invasive rumors. Halle herself has not responded yet to the controversy. The talented sisters do not deserve such disrespectful treatment regardless.

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