'Good Thing' singer Kehlani thanked fans for their support following sexual assault in her recent concert

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Posted on: 15 Dec, 2022

A fan sexually attacked singer Kehlani while the singer was making an exit from her recent concert.

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Singer Kehlani deleted Instagram post

The Grammy-nominated singer claimed in a since-deleted Instagram Stories post on Monday that a fan put their hands inside her skirt and pulled her underwear to touch her genitals.

Credits: Page Six

Kehlani’s TikTok video

The 'Up at Night' singer elaborated on the assertion in a TikTok video posted on Wednesday. They assured supporters that they were 'fine' and with their families at home. Kehlani stated in response to their tweet regarding the alleged sexual assault that she has 'zero comment.'

Credits: Complex

Kehlani felt bad for making headlines

The singer expressed remorse that the incident made headlines but acknowledged that 'it's such a serious thing' in a TikTok video. Kehlani continued by saying she had no comment on the 'negative' remarks and presumptions she had encountered after posting about the alleged incident.

Credits: Pitchfork

Kehlani thanked fans and followers

Kehlani concluded her post by thanking all her fans for supporting her.

Credits: Jerryshomemade.com

Kehlani's upcoming tour

Kehlani will perform in Auckland, New Zealand, to begin the 2023 portion of her tour.

Credits: Complex

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