Good Omens Season 3; The Last Show But Aziraphale And Crowley Are Still Answerable

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Unanswered questions from Season 2

Good Omens season 2 has ended and fans are not liking the ending as they think it has ended on a mysterious note as many questions need to be answered.

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Michael Sheen who played the role of Aziraphale went to heaven with Metatron while David Tennant who played the role of Crowley went away in despair. That was the ending of season 2.

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Conflict between Prime Video & Neil Gaiman

Prime Video has not said anything about its new season but the creator of Good Omens Neil Gaiman has told his fans that he will write a novel about Good Omens season 3 if they don’t plan on releasing a new season although he has said that season 4 is not coming anytime soon.

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Good Omens season 3 will show Aziraphale and Crowley's relationship to a next level. Season 2 was ended on a cute note where Crowley share his feelings with his best friend celestial nemesis Aziraphale on Nina’s advice.

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Love affair shaking the empires

The love affair happened after Beelzebub and Gabriel professed their love for each other in front of everyone and shuddered up the empires of Heaven and Hell on their way off earth. If season 3 goes on air it will most probably answer all the questions that went unanswered in the last season.

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Aziraphale & Crowley’s love affair

At the end of season 2, Aziraphale wanted to make Crowley an angel if he agreed on returning to Heaven with him. Gabriel also reminded Crowley how heaven has damaged everything before and how he will continue damaging everything in the future too.

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Crowley showed affection to Aziraphale which melted his heart and he forgave Crowley for everything. Season 3 is expected to focus more on the relationship of Crowley and Aziraphale. Their messed-up relationship will eventually be fixed in season 3 but it’s going to take much more time.

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Metatron’s much appreciated presence

Derek Jacobi who has played the role of the Metatron, has also appeared in season 1. His role was to deliver messages from God whenever Aziraphale contacted heaven. After his much-loved role in season 1 he was appointed in season 2 too where he appointed Aziraphale as Supreme Archangel.

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Audience’s point of view

Now fans think that keeping in view the dangers it's non-realistic that Metatron will be the same and they think that Aziraphale’s role could be anything tricky just to keep the suspense alive for fans.

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Aziraphale will misuse his powers and because of the flashbacks he won’t do any good to anyone. Aziraphale wants to matchmake owner of coffee shop Nina. She advices Crowley to share what she feels for Aziraphale which led them to a kiss scene.

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