29 Dec, 2022


Gogglebox’s George Baggs and Joe claims ‘lookalike brother' restricted from the show

By FactsWow Team

A sibling who looks familiar

Introducing his familiar-looking sibling in a new TikTok video, Joe showed his 1.4 million followers their new family member.

Credits: Irish Mirror

Followed by dozens

Following dozens of followers thinking the fifth family member was a US celebrity, the lads made their mom Lisa and dad, Terry, famous too.

Credits: Irish Mirror

The family introduces fans

In a post on Danny's social media account, the family introduced fans to Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick, who's thought to be the boy's brother.

Credits: Hola

Secret video about him

Almost a year ago, Joe wrote a TikTok video about his secret brother who wasn't allowed to watch Gogglebox.

Credits: Irish Mirror

Fans compared Danny

Many fans compared Danny to his Keeping Up With The Kardashians doppelganger Scott, who looks much like Danny.

Credits: OK! Magazine

Similar to Scott Disick

There's also a person who says: 'Why does he look like Scott Disick?' and another person says: 'He's a little bit like Scott Disick.'

Credits: Cosmopolitan

A decision was made to leave

Initially joining the program in 2020, Lisa and Terry, along with sons Joe and George, filmed three series before deciding to leave the show.

Credits: The Sun

A joint statement was released

A joint statement announced the Essex family's departure from the hit show due to work commitments and teased future projects.

Credits: The Irish Sun

A season to remember

The show's producers announced that, after three seasons of extraordinary television, Gogglebox would be ending its run.

Credits: The Stylist

A truly amazing community has emerged

Our experience as part of the Gogglebox community has been truly amazing, and we are grateful for this opportunity.

Credits: The Sun

Getting excited about what lies ahead

Our team is excited about the upcoming opportunities for us all, so we couldn't commit to filming another series, but we are grateful for this opportunity.

Credits: The Times

An endeavor broke ground

As soon as the news of the family's new endeavors broke, Gogglebox co-star Ellie Warner wished the family the best.

Credits: Heart Radio

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