Getting back into the role of Superman just got complicated for Henry Cavill

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Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

It was a delight for Superman

Henry Cavill's Superman fans were delighted when the film's post-credits scene showed the actor returning to the character.

A recent departing employee

With Cavill recently departing Netflix's adaptation of 'The Witcher,' one of Cavill's favorite parts of 'Man of Steel,' excitement has been building.

The two events were experienced

Having experienced both events closely, Big Blue's fans likely assumed their hero would soon meet Johnson's antihero.

Recommend reporting the return

There are reports. However, reports of the return of this iteration of Krypton's Last Son may have been premature.

Formal agreement to proceed with a project

Without writers, directors, or a formal deal for a concrete project, there appeared to be no progress on Superman's return to the big screen.

Details are emerging

With details starting to emerge about DC Studios' new direction under Peter Safran and James Gunn, we can better understand how they will operate.

An analysis of the situation

According to a report projected to be released by Discovery CEO David Zaslav, the days of Supes are passed.

Premiere date to be announced

'The Flash' is scheduled to premiere on June 16, 2022, and Henry Cavill will appear as Superman.

Cameo will remain with the studio

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is much discussion about whether the studio will retain the cameo in the film.

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