15 Dec, 2022


Get rid of Big and little things that are no longer in use

By FactsWow Team

Board games that you don’t play

In your fun time, you can use your favorite game which you like to play. If the board game has no fun, then donate it.

Credits: The nEW York Times

Unmatched Socks

In a Sock drawer, if you have many single socks as if you lost the sock partner, then get it for crafty and repurpose them.

Credits: The Takeout

Old Condiment packets

You can have enough packets if you are ordering for two people. Use it for now and throw it off.

Credits: istock


Technology has improved a lot, and people carefully curate their movie collections only to find technology phased out. Clear unused DVDs that dump your space.

Credits: WIRED

Organize your space

Huge piles of old magazines, unwanted clothing, and defective electronics can lead to stress and also occupy your space.

Credits: Abby Lawson

Old chords

Technology is being updated in day-to-day life. So it is best to eliminate old chords that are not in use.

Credits: Pinterest

Expired Coupons

The expired coupons are unusable. It simply fills your plastic bag. Just throw out all the expired coupons and start over.

Credits: The Krazy Coupon Landy

Old calendars

New Year is yet to come. You won’t need your outdated calendar, so throw it off and make some space for the new one.

Credits: Webexhibits

Old Takeouts Menus

You can have some of the menus in almost all delivery places. No need for all that paper clutter on the takeout menu.

Credits: MTL Blog

Outdated glasses

If you use outdated glasses, donate them to a useful person. A person in need can use those outdated glasses suitable for them.

Credits: Vecteezy

Last year's sunscreen

Sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun. If you have any outdated creams, throw them out because they lose the ability of protection.

Credits: Deseret News

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