General Hospital Spoilers 7/28/22: Esme accuses Trina!

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Posted on: 29 Jul, 2022

You don't know what to expect in these General Hospital spoilers! In this episode, Willow tries to keep her secret, Nikolas gets emotional, Dante wants to take the next step, Dex makes a promise to Sonny, and Esme prepares to testify at Trina's trial. It should be a good time!

Willow asks TJ for help at the hospital as she tries to keep Michael in the dark about her medical condition. “I beg of you not to say anything in his presence,” she pleads. Will TJ follow Willow's plan if it could put her and her unborn child at risk?

Nikolas wanted to get to Ava before Esme to prevent the schemer from revealing that they had slept together. Which woman is he talking to when he declares emotionally: 'You're making a huge mistake?

Dante has plans for Sam, and she is curious about what they are. When you said, “what did you have in mind?”  Inquiring,

she says. As for the next step, he replies: 'Taking the next step.' But what does that entail, and is their relationship ready for it?

When Dex is caught roughing up Felty with Sonny, he decides to tell his boss that he is open to taking on more responsibilities. Dex declares, 'If you ever need it done, I'm your guy.' Will Sonny use Dex to keep his hands clean?

Trina makes a decision about her future at the courthouse. It's something I would like to do,' she says. What effect will this decision have on her case?

Meanwhile, Esme is ready to testify against Trina despite her late arrival. As she grins, she says, 'I'm going to have a blast.'.

Could Ava be trying to put the schemer in her place when she hisses: 'Try it, I dare you.'?  You don't want to miss today's exciting episode of GH! Check out this teaser!

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