Gabby's grandfather John revealed that Erich enjoyed spending time with her on the bachelorette

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Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

Gabby Windey played the Bachelorette Gabby Windey on a special first date with grandpa John, and Erich explained it was a very special date and he felt it was 'really special.'

Gabby Windey introduced her suitor, Erich Schwer, to her family very early on in her journey on The Bachelorette since this season is unlike any other. 

Erich was Gabby's choice for her second one-on-one date, which included an intention-setting sound ceremony and a bowling date. Erich was surprised to see Gabby's Grandpa John come along, but he seemed to enjoy his commentary and laughing with her family. 

Erich expressed excitement at spending time with someone so significant to Gabby and someone who brought out her true self during the date.

The trio spent the day exploring Santa Monica with Grandpa John and Erich. Intention-setting ceremony participants Gabby and Erich enjoyed Grandpa John's stories and a short nap from the backseat. 

To ensure the trio had a partner for their bowling date at the alley, Gabby invited an older woman to join them. Gabby's Grandpa John joined Erich and Gabby on their date, which Erich shared his true feelings about.

According to Erich, grandfather John is a riot, speaking to Bachelor Nation alumni Tia Booth, and Joe Amabile on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast. 

The backseat commentary of Grandpa John was a nonstop comedy, as Erich said, 'then he just fell asleep.' The backseat commentary was hilarious. 

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