20 Dec, 2022


For the 2023 New York Edition of the Outsider Art Fair, 64 exhibitors are confirmed

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Edition published in New York

At the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan, March 2–5, 2023, Outsider Art Fair will host 64 exhibitors at its New York edition.

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Australia-based projects

Feheley Fine Arts from Toronto, Kishka Gallery from Vermont, and Emilia Galatis Projects from Australia are all first-timers.

Credits: Feheley Fine Arts

Disabilities of development

Additionally, numerous booths will be devoted to workshops and ateliers working with disabled artists, including artists with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and physical disabilities.

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The edition of the year

This year's edition of Outsider Art Fair, now in its 31st year, will follow what people have come to expect, says owner Andrew Edlin.

Credits: Artnet News

A strange occurrence

In this space, there's always something new being discovered, something unusual being discovered. It's not like a commodities exchange.

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Passion drives dealers

In some ways, we're the only game in town because these dealers are passionate about what they do, not because they see dollar signs.

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A new addition was announced

The fair has also announced the addition of Sofa Lanusse as its director; she was previously director of the Paris fair of the Outsider Art Fair.

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Maintaining a goal

As Lanusse said in an interview, the fair already presents self-taught, folk, naive, and outsider art. I aim to continue giving these terms space to show the importance of their work and artists.

Credits: ARTnews

Highlights of the artwork

'We Are Birds' is a poster-only section featuring contemporary and self-taught artists whose artwork features bird imagery.

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The artists were chosen

Several artists were selected, including Fred Tomaselli, Bill Traylor, William Edmondson, Minnie Evans, William Hawkins, and several others.

Credits: Art Works for Change

Benefiting the community

A nod to Poster's Birdsong Project, which he founded to benefit the National Audubon Society during the pandemic.

Credits: The Guardian

Highlights should continue

he fair will continue highlighting the importance of self-taught artists and outsiders in the art world, as in previous editions.

Credits: InStyle

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